Machinarium Windows Front Cover

Publisher: Amanita Design
Amanita Design
: 2009
Platform: PC, Mac, Android, Fire, iPad, PS3

If there was a Miss Congeniality award for adventure games, Machinarium would lap the field. Controlling a runt-of-the-litter robot whose goal is to save himself, his robot town, and his robot girl, charm endlessly abounds. Normally a game with no text or dialogue would turn me off completely, but with the exceptional use of picture thought bubbles and flashbacks, a thorough story is doled out to the player without the need for any words.

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Her Story

Image result for her story

Publisher: Self-published
Developer: Sam Barlow
Year: 2015
Platform: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Regrettably as the older I’ve become, the less effort I’ve found myself willing to put into playing computer games. I prefer to blame the time constrictions of maturation: fatherhood, home ownership, Netflixing with my better half. Ultimately, however, the greatest factor is my waning patience with gratification. This extends to all forms of media; if I have to wait longer than five minutes for stimulation, my interest wanders. Thus, the piled up bin of pilot episodes (sorry Nurse Jackie), second chapters (you too The Girl Who Played with Fire), and barely played computer games (maybe later Quest for Glory 2) awaiting continuation but more likely relegated to eternally gathering dust. Despite this I’m also not looking for cheap and unsatisfying thrills (I’m looking at you Angry Birds). Her Story may be my panacea, motivating me not only to play through its story, but also to forge on and try other games that have been sitting on my virtual shelf for far too long.

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Smart Phone Games Worth Playing: Sometimes You Die

Year: 2014
Genre: Platformer
Platform: iOS, Android
Creator: Philipp Stollenmayer

Everything you need to know about this platformer can be learned from that picture. You control that block on the left with the arrow. On this particular screen, you have to get that block in the pit on the right. But you can’t actually jump that far. How do you get there? Well, sometimes you have to die, using your block corpses to get to where you need to go.

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Smartphone Games Worth Playing

I’ve been using smartphones since 2011 and honestly I still haven’t come across that many games I enjoy playing. Some games–even Angry Birds–are decent time wasters, but rarely do I think, “Dang, I’m glad I spent my time on that!”

I’m going to guess many of you also share this experience, so over the next several days I’ll review the smartphone games I really enjoyed and felt worthy of keeping on my phone. I am also hoping I can parlay this into great recommendations from you guys.

The only other caveat for this list is that I’m reviewing games that were originally designed for smartphones only. In other words, no Walking Dead, Final Fantasy VI, or Limbo.

Beatles Song Countdown: 10-6

10: I’m Looking Through You

Album: Rubber Soul
Writer: McCartney
Singer: McCartney

Verdict: Similar to Run For Your Life in that it’s about the angry devolution of one of the singer’s relationships, only without the violence and misogyny. Also, it’s got Paul’s amazing voice (have I mentioned that before?). I might be the only person who loves this song this much. The rhymes are simplistic, the rhythm generic. It’s just his voice. And I like the ending where instead of the usual decrescendo, Paul just keeps amping it up through the fade-out. 

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