95. The Brady Bunch

Creator: Sherwood Schwartz
Years: 1969-1974

Holy crap, the same guy who created Gilligan’s Island. Who knew?

From what I remember, a fairly inoffensive show that wasn’t ever funny but for some reason I watched a lot of it. One thing I do remember vividly was their vacation to Hawaii. Remember that idol Greg found? Something like that. It caused problems for whomever had it. I think a tarantula came by, because of course. And then Greg wiped out on his surfboard and nearly broke his neck. I don’t even remember how it ended. But I do remember that I had fucking nightmares for a week because of that episode. I was literally terrified that this idol was under my bed and some unnamed horror was going to happen. Seriously, whose parents allow a seven year-old to watch Brady Bunch?


5 thoughts on “95. The Brady Bunch

  1. It’s funny that the creator is the same, because this is the other show that was part of that same joke – something about the show being immensely popular but nobody admitting to watching it.

    My cousins would always watch this when they came over, and I could never figure out why. They’d ask why I wasn’t laughing, and I’d say it was for the same reason that they weren’t. It wasn’t funny. My older cousin legitimately didn’t seem to know that she never laughed at it.

    • I’ve noticed that about myself. There are comedies I thought I loved, then when I tried to remember laughing, I couldn’t. And then I wonder why I watched a show just because it was comfortable.

      • Same deal with “Friends.” I lost count of how many people called into question me not thinking it was funny, only to sit there with me as silent as I was.

        I certainly have comfort shows (The Simpsons, MST3K) but I still laugh at them.

        • Every single show so far has been a comedy. I’m guessing comedies are more often comfort shows than dramas. Also, I think comedies more easily get by with being bad than dramas do.

          • I remember thinking as a kid that there weren’t a lot of bad dramas. Turned out there were, but most of them died a quick death. Bad comedy gets a pass because people are afraid to be the only ones not laughing, I think.

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