Original Theme Songs: 16, 15

16. Wonderfalls

Composer: Andy Partridge

Artist: Andy Partridge

Brilliant comedy that was cut by Fox just four episodes in after putting it on a Friday night time slot. Despite an entire season being filmed, it was given no chance. If you like wit and talking ceramic animals, watch it. Have a pancake. And some Lee Pace.

There’s a full-length music video of the song, which is pretty awful. Here’s the main credits sequence.

15. 21 Jump Street

Composer: Liam Stermberg

Artist: Holly Robinson

So yeah, one of the primary actors sang the song. Not unusual, but I didn’t know it in this case. I was crazy about this show when I was seven. Johnny Depp was just so radical. Talk about a good looking cast.



3 thoughts on “Original Theme Songs: 16, 15

  1. Man, I don’t like either of these songs, as much as I liked the shows.

    It’s time to watch Wonder Falls again. I have retained very little.

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