Theme Songs: 50, 49

50. Have Gun, Will Travel

Title: The Ballad of Paladin
Composer: Johnny Western, Richard Boone, and Sam Rolfe
Performer: Johnny Western

I’ve seen perhaps five episodes of every TV western ever made, but I do like the music. I don’t really care for the theme to Bonanza (a bit too twangy), but I enjoy this ode to Paladin, which has more restraint than most.

49. Heathcliff

Composer: Shuki Levy and Haim Saban
Performer: Noam Kaniel

Not too crazy about the sound effects in this one, but I’m crazy about the lyrics. Just hearing the song makes me want to watch the show, which I guess is the point.


3 thoughts on “Theme Songs: 50, 49

  1. Have Gun, Will Travel sure does go on a while for a song that doesn’t really go anywhere. I don’t dislike it, but you could easily lose eighty seconds and have the same song.

    I loved the Heathcliff song as a kid and it seems I still do. Like you, it makes me want to watch the show.

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