Top 100 NES Games: Statistics

So who were the best developers for the NES?

Appearances in the Top 100 (more than one game)

Nintendo: 13
Konami: 12
Tecmo: 9
Capcom: 7
Rare: 6
Chunsoft: 4
HAL: 4
Technos: 4
Tose: 4
Atari: 3
Taito: 3
Data East: 2
Natsume: 2
SNK: 2
Square: 2
Sunsoft: 2
Tokai: 2

Nintendo is first, but they also created more games than any other company.  How about we take a look at their cumulative rankings?  Points are awarded on a reverse order basis.  For example, Bubble Bobble was #100, so Taito will receive one point for that game.

Total Points (top 10)

Nintendo: 871
Tecmo: 527
Konami: 523
Capcom: 436
Chunsoft: 306
Rare: 272
HAL: 254
Technos: 233
Tose: 194
Square: 159

Nintendo still reigns supreme, thanks to having four games in the top 10.  Tecmo, despite three fewer appearances on the list, jumps ahead of Konami thanks to three appearances in the top 10.  Chunsoft jumps ahead of Rare despite two fewer games thanks to my love for the Dragon Warrior series. Square also jumps to the top 10 thanks to its only two games being in the top 30.


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