26: Little Samson

Genre: Platformer

Developer: Takeru
Publisher: Taito
Year: 1992

Basic Idea: The ultimate tag-team.

Review:  I had never heard of this game until I began doing research for my countdown.  I’m glad that mistake was corrected.

The game begins with four separate characters taking a journey to meet up to defeat some evil thing. You play as a human, a dragon, a rock, and a mouse.  Each has their own specific strengths and weaknesses.  Once they all meet up, you tackle each level with the ability to switch between any of the characters at any time (much like in TMNT).  Need to reach a hard-to-get to spot?  Switch to the mouse.  Need to traverse through spikes without taking damage?  Switch to the rock.  I love the concept, and considering how different the four protagonists are, there is often a big benefit to strategically planning your way through the level rather than just bum-rushing through.

The concept alone is worth a top ten ranking, but the execution isn’t always perfect.  Stage difficulty is seemingly random as you progress, even within stages.  The enemies and bosses are repetitive and uninspiring.  There are some issues with RAM.  There are no power-ups other than increasing your life bar.  And the graphics and music are pretty meh.  Despite how impressed I was at first, I wasn’t terribly sad when the game was over.

Still, it’s a marvelous idea and if you’re looking for a new platformer to play, I can strongly recommend Little Samson.


One thought on “26: Little Samson

  1. This didn’t feel familiar until you mentioned that one of the characters is a rock. Now I wonder why I never played it.

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