Play With The Prose II, Challenge 6: Apology

Our 59-word story this week had to include an apology.  I was contestant #1.

I was the only one who could stay, though I’m not entirely sure how.  I guess it’s hard to leave when you have something to say.  Besides, the accident was my fault.

As the vet injected the solution, I couldn’t say it.  She was looking right at me.  I scratched behind her ears.  I just hope she understood.

MATTHEW: Of course, euthanasia. I’m surprised this didn’t come up sooner. Even the second story was in a sense, a mercy killing, even if that’s just a confused person’s brain deciding so. I have to fault story 2 just a little for the pat exposition at the beginning, though. It makes the simple set-up of story 1 feel all the more well executed. WINNER: #1

Novak – Is there a reason you compilers hate us judges and leave us with such depressing entries every time?  Is there a reason you writers are so damned brilliantly dark?  I’m not a pet person, but #1 is tugging on strings I didn’t even know I had.  #2 takes a terrible, terrible tragedy and gives us a humanizing perspective when that’s the last thing we could ever want.  Wow.  It took to the end this week, but I’ve found my “Close Call.”  The subtext of #1 is a bit stronger, so it’s enough to take the match-up.  Good job both.

ANDY: It was a strong showing #2, but I felt like you may have laid it on a bit thick at the end. But it was a strong effort. I felt more emotionally connected to #1’s story. I was right there, and it worked. That’s my winner.

Result vs. Zack SauvageauWIN (3-0)

Current Record: 3-3

Next Match-Up: Dean Carlson (3-3)


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