32: Kirby’s Adventure

Genre: Platformer

Developer: HAL
Publisher: Nintendo
Year: 1993

Basic Idea: Sucking and blowing at its most fun!

Review:  There’s little argument that this was one of the best games made in the Super Nintendo era.  As Kirby, a pink ball with a big mouth, you traverse through stages much like in Super Mario 3.  However, instead of jumping on enemies, your goal is to swallow them and spit them out.  Certain enemies have special abilities (swordfighting, laser shooting, flying) that you can inherit when you swallow them, so there’s a definite strategy to what you suck.  There are also some fun mini-games between levels to try to learn abilities or get extra lives.

There’s not much to criticize.  The game has an excellent learning curve, and may even be a bit too easy (though not insultingly so).  It’s incredibly responsive.  I guess the main reason it’s not ranked higher is that there’s nothing especially memorable about the game.  The graphics are incredibly dull with a god awful color palette.  The boss battles are decent, but nothing to write home about.  And the levels can get a bit samey.  But if you’re looking for an old-school platformer that’s worth playing today, this is a good bet.


5 thoughts on “32: Kirby’s Adventure

  1. I have never played a Kirby game. I actually didn’t remember that Kirby first showed up all the way back on the NES.

    Mariana is interested in a Kirby game, though, so this may finally change soon.

    • I played Kirby’s Adventure again a year or so ago, although I don’t remember on what, and it was still quite a bit of fun. Plus, I still find the concept of eating things to gain their ability to be funny.

  2. I have a lot of love for this game. It’s not incredibly challenging, and it’s not incredibly deep, but it’s inventive and enjoyable. The “steal your enemy’s powers” thing is cool, and some of the bosses (I’m thinking of the Sun and Moon fight in particular) are fun.

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