Play With The Prose II, Challenge 3: Love Story

In week 3 of the Fiction 59 contest, we had to write a love story.  I was contestant #1 yet again.

“Animal therapy fosters empathy, especially at her age.”

“After what Bella’s dad did to her?  What she did to her younger brother?”  A lamb approached her niece.  It nudged her.

“I’ve seen it work.  She’s only seven.”

“Will she be capable of love?”

Isabella cocked her head, then poked the lamb between the eyes.

“Everyone is,” the therapist replied.

MATTHEW: At the risk of being revealed as a giant cream puff by this challenge, I think it’s safe to say I’m much more moved by someone who’ll take up the challenge of working with intense emotion in this week’s stories, rather than do something jokey. If the joke works better than the non-joke, I’ll reward it. But it’d take a VERY good joke. And I adore the idea of animals helping a damaged person love again. WINNER: #1

NOVAK – #1 is going to an interesting place.  I don’t know that it quite gets there, but I am gratefully intrigued.  #2 isn’t so much a story as it is a tribute.  (Couldn’t remember the greatest song in the world, this is just a tribute.)  A very well written, witty tribute.  Pressed into deciding (who died and made me judge?) I’m giving the nod to #2, which didn’t quite feel like a story in a way that #1 did, but that had a witty enough premise and sharp enough writing to make me overlook that fact.

ANDY – The slapstick moment at the end of #1… I’m laughing, but should I be? I admit, I feel a bit guilty laughing here. I really like your idea, #2, and it’s executed well. I found the idea a bit more original in #1, so that’s my choice today.

Result vs. Melissa DWIN (2-1)

Current Record: 1-2

Next Match-Up: David Larson (0-3)

I saw a special once on animal therapy farms that help abused children, especially those with psychopathic behaviors, develop healthy emotions.  It moved me.  Thankfully, it also moved two of the judges, though one in a humorous way.  Hey, whatever works!


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