57: Mega Man III

Genre: Platformer

Developer:  Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Year: 1990

Basic Idea: After not finishing off Dr. Wily when he had the chance, Mega Man now puts his puppy in harm’s way.

Review:  A solid platformer but there are many more I would rather play.  This game adds one pretty cool thing to the series and that is the ability to slide.  Your dog Rush is pretty much a replacement for the special items in Mega Man II, and I prefer the previous system a bit better.  Also, there is a lot of RAM slow-down issues, which pretty much negates improvement in other areas.  Still, there are some awesome enemies and bosses along with some imaginative graphics.  Worthy of play if you like the series in general.


2 thoughts on “57: Mega Man III

  1. I adore the Mega Man series, but the games run together in my head (especially #4 and later). Rush was a good idea, but not as good as the stuff from II.

    The biggest paradox of this series is that it’s defined by the memorable bosses and music, but if I see a boss I can’t tell you which game it’s from, and if I hear a music track, same deal. It was a great formula, but man, did they not play with it at all for way too long.

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