62: Kickle Cubicle

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: Irem
Publisher: Irem
Year: 1990

Basic Idea: Kick ice cubes!

Review:  Similar in style to Adventures of Lolo (but not as complex or interesting), a solid puzzle game with enough variety to keep things interesting.  Your job is to access magic pouches by kicking around ice cubes, and you can use your freezing breath to turn enemies into your own weapons.  The game doesn’t get quite difficult enough to be satisfying, but there’s nothing terribly obnoxious about it either (except maybe the music).  However, it’s brain surgery compared to Angry Birds.


6 thoughts on “62: Kickle Cubicle

  1. Well, I loved Fire and Ice, is there anything similar in this game as far as kicking ice cubes around? If so, might give it a try. And with my game skill level, it probably would be quite difficult enough to be satisfying for me. :}

  2. As a kid, I stayed away from this simply because I couldn’t get the irritating phrase “Kickle Cubicle” out of my head. Ever. I probably haven’t thought about it for years, but it’s flooding back now. Damn it.

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