63: Metal Storm

Genre: Platformer

Developer: Tamtex
Publisher: Irem
Year: 1991

Basic Idea:  Flip gravity

Review: The selling point of this platformer was that at any point you can decide to reverse gravity and walk along the ceiling.  This allows the game to have several intricate puzzles that require simultaneous strategy and quickness.  The boss battles are interesting.  It gets a bit mazey at times, but I enjoyed the challenge.  Unfortunately, the game gets it a bit too hard as it goes along, but at least there’s many continues and a password system.

The game is a little hard on the eyes; it’s colorful, but the colors often clash.  The music is also a bit too techy for my tastes.  The game is worth at least one play, though your mileage may vary.


2 thoughts on “63: Metal Storm

  1. This is also one of those rare NES games which is “worth actual cash” so if you find it in the wild (much like a Rattatta or Ekans) be sure to play it before you flip. But always keep in the back of your mid that you just paid $2 for something worth $30, and make yourself a hot cocoa with marshmallows as a treat :).

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