75: Danny Sullivan’s Indy Heat

Genre: Racing

Developer: Leland
Publisher: Tradewest
Year: 1991

Basic Idea:  Run tiny little cars around and around…

Review: There were six games for the NES that were based on professional racing, five of them sponsored by a particular racer.  Nigel Mansell, Michael Andretti, and Al Unser Jr. put their names on awful games. Ivan Stewart’s Super Off-Road was fun in the arcade but kind of meh on the NES.  And Days of Thunder was as bad as the movie it was based on.  This little gem, however, has almost no resemblance to actual racing but is easily the best of the six.  While you do need to make pit stops, the game plays more like Super Off-Road with way better controls.  The perspective is bird’s eye view, or perhaps a plane’s eye view, as the cars are itty bitty.

Between each race you can improve your car with the money you’ve won.  The first time through the game is pretty easy, but the difficulty ramps up after that.  There’s also a two-player option, which I haven’t played but I imagine would be pretty fun.


3 thoughts on “75: Danny Sullivan’s Indy Heat

  1. From videos it looks similar to off-road but not as fun. I see you have to knock AI out of their pit before they’re finished to get out of yours sometimes. I’ll have to give it a go anyway.

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