81: Guerrilla War

Genre: Shooter

Developer: SNK
Publisher: SNK
Year: 1988

Basic Idea:  Topple Fidel Castro’s regime with two invincible Rambos

Review: When Ikari Warriors was released on the NES, I was rather excited, as I played the arcade and PC versions and loved them.  That the NES port was brutal would be sadder if SNK hadn’t redeemed themselves with a much superior follow-up.  Guerrilla War is fast, it’s frantic, and the easiest shooter you’ll ever play.  You die if you get hit, but continues are infinite and from where you left off.  Most importantly, there’s no way to get stuck and have to reset the game.  Weapons are unlimited and powerful.  The only thing stopping you from obliterating everything are hostages, but even if you kill them all, the only consequences is that you’ll have fewer points.

I would have preferred the game have some semblance of challenge, or at least a more substantial reward for saving hostages.  As it stands, its worth lies more in playing it with a buddy.


8 thoughts on “81: Guerrilla War

  1. Okay, turns out I have played this (tried and stopped). Found it in my emulator downloads. You CAN get stuck and have to reset. I have no idea what button combinations did it, but it launched P2 about 5 minutes in.

  2. This is the game that, as an adult, you play as a last resort when all hand-eye coordination has abandoned you… (you are drunk). Hey… unlimited continues! Plus, your friend can pick up the slack…

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