92: Adventure Island 2

Genre: Platformer

Developer: Now Production
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Year: 1991

Basic Idea:  Use skateboards, dinosaurs, and tomahawks to save your girl.

Review: I was never a huge fan of this series.  The first game has pretty counter-intuitive controls and level design required memorization of pits and enemies to be successful.  And, to be blunt, the series is just not that interesting.  There are few secrets, crisp but unmemorable graphics, and just not a whole lot going on.  But the second game improves vastly upon the first, from the graphics to the level design to the addition of several dinosaurs you can control to your benefit, all with different abilities. And unlike Little Nemo: The Dream Master, the use of your monsters is intuitive.

Levels are perhaps a bit too short for my taste, but there is a nice variety.  While the game doesn’t excite me, it is well made and worth a look.


One thought on “92: Adventure Island 2

  1. This didn’t show up in my email alerts for some reason.

    I’m with you on every word. This series doesn’t do a whole lot wrong, but it also adds nothing to the genre or the style. It’s just there. I don’t really remember the controls – it’s been a while. I just remember thinking I’d never remember the game.

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