94: Bump N Jump

Genre: Arcade

Developer: Data East
Publisher: Vic Tokai
Year: 1988

Basic Idea:  Bump and jump, just like it says!  More specifically, bump cars and jump on cars (and over bridges).

Review: While you control a car, this can’t really be considered a driving game.  The game could have been made with frogs or staplers and it would have made no difference at all.  What this Intellivision port does offer is a fun diversion.  You “race” to the end of each level, trying not to get bumped into buildings while also trying to destroy other cars for points.  The whole idea is to stay alive until you reach the end of the level, so you can face more aggressive cars on thinner highways while making more difficult jumps.

Despite how simple and pointless this game is, I still find myself playing it once or twice every few years.

If that doesn’t convince you to play it, perhaps the plot of the game will.

Your girlfriend was kidnapped by an evil maniac with the SuperCar at his disposal. 
However, you have a SuperCar of your own, and you race to get your girlfriend 
before it is too late.

3 thoughts on “94: Bump N Jump

  1. Let’s not forget the infectious music that always reminds me of Blood, Sweat and Tears. This was a good little game for a rental.

    Think I loaded this up a year or so ago in an emulator and used save states to reach the end finally. Don’t even remember if it ended or just cycled round again with even harder repeat levels. Pretty sure I wasn’t satisfied in any way.

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