Here is the average ranking of the episodes in each season.

Season One:  94.8

Season Two: 95.5

Season Three: 71.8

Season Four: 68.6

Season Five: 83.8

Season Six: 78.0

Season Seven: 99.8

Not surprisingly, season four is in the lead despite having only one episode in the top ten (and it was tenth).  It’s worst episode was #139 which really helps.  There is not one dreadful episode there, which is a comfort for the viewer.  By contrast, season five had two episodes in the top ten and four in the top twenty, but was brought down significantly by having three episodes in the first week of the countdown.

Season one’s average is expected, but I was a bit surprised that season two finished behind.  The additions of Pulaski, Guinan, and Geordi’s promotion to chief engineer were all highly welcomed.  And the episodes ranked #9, #8, and #7 all came from season two.  However, there’s a lot of middling episodes that could have been great had they been done in later seasons, and plenty of bad ones as well, including the season finale.

Sadly, the final season ranks dead last, and I’m comfortable with that.  There’s really only four episodes I really liked from that season:  Attached, Paralles, The Lower Decks, and All Good Things.  The Gambit was decent.  Everything else is either trash or has recycled plots from previous seasons.


3 thoughts on “Averages

  1. I think the “recycled plots” thing unfairly brings down season 7. If those plots had been run first and the “first” ones were the recycled ones instead then the previous episodes would have suffered, not the later ones.

    I’m guessing if I looked back at my comments there would be a lot of season 7 episodes where I thought they could have been ranked higher.

    Also, I’m not really surprised about season 2, because for as much as everyone talks about how much better it was than season 1, whenever I see a season 2 episode I pick up on some of the same problems that season 1 had. Though Pulaski was awesome. Beverly is nice and all, but I wish Pulaski had been around for the rest of the run.

    • Indeed, I went back and looked at some of your lower ranked season 7 episodes. I had a couple with comments about “I would have had it higher,” and I think I would have with a couple others too. I really appreciated the comfort the actors had with each other by season 7, and how natural everything felt.

    • that’s possible, but I’d like to think when I ranked one of those shows lower, I had more criticism to offer other than the plot was recycled. It’s not like the order in which you watch about 90% of these episodes matters that much.

      I agree that the actors are way more comfortable with each other in the later seasons, which helps enjoyment of episodes. But I stand by that I felt the scripts got pretty lazy in season seven.

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