11: Parallels (7.11)

Synopsis: Worf finally kicks some ass, but it’s off-screen and all we got is this trophy.

Memory Alpha Summary: Go hit yourself with a painstik

Review:  DS9 had loads of fun dealing with alternate realities on several episodes, and TNG had one crack at it here.  It’s great fun watching Worf jump from place to place and spotting the subtle and not so subtle differences.  My favorites are Data’s eyes changing color and the flip-flop of the Cardassian/Bajoran conflict.  Then we have a near psychotic Riker who hasn’t shaved in months.  Fun fun fun.

It also further develops the Troi/Worf romance, even though nothing really happens between them in the “normal” timeline.  I always preferred Troi hooking up with Worf instead of Riker.  I never really felt Riker and Troi had chemistry.


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