12: The Ensigns of Command (3.02)

Synopsis: Data has his first sober kiss while Picard dances with the Sheliak.

Memory Alpha Summary:  You enjoyed that!

Review: Quite a marvelous episode for both Data’s character development and Picard’s savvy diplomacy.  Data begins to learn that logic is not enough to persuade people, a skill he will eventually use very well when he becomes a captain in Redemption.  His brashness is a sight to see as he actually causes significant property damage to make his point. His romantic scenes are quite poignant as well.

I love how Geordi and Wesley trying to get the transporters to work is a red herring.  For once, no amount of technobabble can save them.  Then Picard cracks me up when he’s told things were going as expected with the transporters.  “Splendid!  Splendid!  Carry on!”

Picard’s final triumph over the Sheliak by turning their own strict adherence to statute against them is a delight to see.   Excellent work.


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