13: Conspiracy (1.25)

Synopsis: The Enterprise returns to Earth, setting their phasers to kill.

Memory Alpha Summary: Suck it, Nibbish

Review:  My favorite episode of season one.  It actually feels way longer than 42 minutes with no wasted exposition.  Picard’s covert meeting with various Starfleet captains is chilling.  The return to Earth is fraught with more uneasiness and tension.  Crusher gets to use her phaser to save Worf and Geordi’s life.  Riker’s fake parasitic abduction is brilliant.  And despite the goofy looking claymation effects, I love the gory destruction of Remmick.  TNG swung and missed on some daring things in season one, but this episode was a home run.  Finally, Data’s announcement of a homing beacon being sent out is creepier still.  It’s too bad it became a dangling thread, though being as that the Borg replaced these aliens as the Federation’s nemesis, I can deal.

Even with all the tension, the episode also added some humor.  The computer cutting off Data’s rambling is a hoot, and Worf lands the best one-liner of the season when asked if he ever goes swimming.

“Swimming…is too much like bathing.”


5 thoughts on “13: Conspiracy (1.25)

    • It’s not universally loved like some episodes are, but it does have fairly good reception from the internets. You’re not alone, though, either. I think if one did a poll of 1,000 people and looked at standard deviation, this one would have one of the highest.

    • I got your back. It’s just like an alien-invasion flick, which has been way over done. I just don’t see anything special here.

      • I love this episode without apology, but I wonder if I love it slightly more than I would because when you watch the episodes in order, there is so much awfulness in season one that it stood out more than it normally would have. Also, it builds on a previous episode from the season, which I feel helps a bit as well.

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