15: I, Borg (5.23)

Synopsis: Geordi gets a pet Borg and asks Picard if he can keep him, please.

Memory Alpha Summary: Resistance is not futile?

Review: Putting Guinan and Picard, two of the most mature members of the Enterprise in a situation where they both are predisposed to be prejudiced is just great storytelling.  Hugh becoming sympathetic after the Borg were previously evil incarnate also speaks to this episode’s great design.  There are multiple emotional confrontations here that are executed to perfection.  Beverly to Picard.  Guinan to Geordi.  Geordi to Guinan.  Guinan to Picard.  Picard to Hugh.   “No.  I am Hugh,” is such a powerful line. Kudos to all the actors as well as Echevarria and Lederman for writing and directing this nearly flawless reintroduction of the Borg.

The only part that didn’t sit right to me was Troi confronting Picard on his past demons, and quite violently.  It was reminiscent of flooding therapy which has been proven to be quite damaging.  Bah.


One thought on “15: I, Borg (5.23)

  1. I don’t remember the Troi part. I remember the “I am Hugh” line. So awesome. This one is at least top 10 for me. Glad to see it get love from you too.

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