20: Starship Mine (6.18)

Synopsis: Picard grabs his saddle and yells, “Yippy-ky yay, motherfucker!”

Memory Alpha Summary: Though he doesn’t order a pizza.

Review: Season six up to this point had been rather talky, so it was nice to finally get a good action show in there, especially one where it’s pretty much all Picard.  There’s several gruesome deaths along with cunning escapes by our hero.  I felt the story was tight, solid.  I think the B-plot down on the planet (specifically, dealing with the conspirators) was unnecessary, and seemed mostly there to give the rest of the bridge crew something to do.  But before that, Data’s new “small talk” subroutine was freaking hilarious.  I also kept smirking at the ongoing saddle joke all the way through.  It just seemed like a bunch of actors who loved working with one another having a great time.  Incidentally, it’s one of Stewart’s favorite episodes.


4 thoughts on “20: Starship Mine (6.18)

  1. Die Hard on an Enterprise”.

    I always forget about this one when it comes to picking my favorite episodes, but it’s gotta be pretty far up there.

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