22: Future Imperfect (4.08)

Synopsis:  Riker, jealous that Worf discovered that he was a father in the last episode, finds out he’s a father in this one.

Memory Alpha Summary:  And captain, without a chance to turn it down!

Review:  A dynamite concept, and Riker shines.  Stumbling through his new life is fun yet realistic.  The boy who plays his son does a pretty decent job and just feels like a Riker.  The plot twists are also well-done, though the last one isn’t as fun.

Money Quote:  I said shut up!  As in close your mouth and stop talking.


4 thoughts on “22: Future Imperfect (4.08)

  1. Did the audience know what was really happening in this one? I feel like we didn’t, right? If not, I’m pretty sure it bothered me (again with the “what is reality?” question), but the twists and turns of the episode were fun enough.

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