24: Peak Performance (2.21)

Synopsis: Picard and Riker face off in a battle simulation, while crew members get sucked into the seedy underworld of Stratagema.

Memory Alpha Summary: The best episode featuring the Ferengi

Review: Considering the story’s real conflict doesn’t happen until there’s about ten minutes left, this script is consistently engaging.  Kolrami is perfectly smug without being over-the-top.  Pulaski officially starts identifying with Data.  Wesley has perhaps his best episode yet as he cheats to help out Riker’s crew in the simulation (and nobody glorifies him at the end).  The battle simulation and confrontation with the Ferengi is written very well, though I question how Worf was able to deceive the Ferengi sensors without access to their security codes.  Finally, the Stratagema rematch between Data and Kolrami is delightful, ending with Data forcing a stalemate and one of his awesomest quotes:

“In the strictest sense, I did not win.”


“I busted him up!”


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