27: The Lower Decks (7.15)

Synopsis:  The tedious jobs Picard talks about in Tapestry get some limelight.

Memory Alpha Summary:  And another death on Wesley’s conscience!

Review: Why are crew evaluations done in Ten Forward?  That’s just asking for trouble.  But it does provide a good introduction to Ben the waiter.  He’s a cool replacement for Guinan that I think could have been a semi-regular

The premise of this episode could have tanked badly as it feels somewhat gimmicky.  And to be fair, the parallel poker games are gimmicky.  But to hear some people in the lower decks say some of the things we’ve been saying for seven seasons is realistic fun.  We also learn that ensigns have to share quarters.  Now that bites.

I think what really helps this episode is bringing back Ensign Sito from The First Duty.  We already know a little bit about her and her past, and her growth in this episode, with Worf, with Picard…it’s quite touching.  And the ending is one of the biggest tearjerkers in the entire series run.

I do have to mention something that pissed me off, though.  Nurse Ogawa is talking to Beverly about her relationship with Powell.  She asks her something like, “Do you ever feel like early in a relationship you’re just going in blind?”  Then Beverly says, “I’m not sure what you mean.”  Fuck, Beverly, you just fucked a ghost who was your grandmother’s sugar daddy in the last episode.  Not to mention the trill you fell in love with in two days.


One thought on “27: The Lower Decks (7.15)

  1. One of my favorites. You’re right on about the emotional impact. Quite the episode. I’d probably even go top 10.

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