28: In Theory (4.25)

Synopsis: Data and Jenna sittin’ in a tree…

Memory Alpha Summary:  Tasha would be so jealous

Review:  An underrated episode, even by myself in the past (though it is apparently Patrick Stewart’s favorite of the series).  Data’s experience in a relationship goes about how you’d expect and hilarious antics ensue.  Spiner is so damn good I laughed at even his predictable lines, the best part being in the ‘lover’s quarrel’ he programs himself to initiate.  “You’re not my mother!”  Love it.

The “Enterprise is in danger” part of the episode is also damn good.  The special effects team deserves some high-fives with how the dark matter affects the ship.  The death of Lt. Van Mayter is one of the creepiest moments in the show’s run.  I’ll never get that image of her stuck in the floor out of my head.


3 thoughts on “28: In Theory (4.25)

    • Geez. I thought everyone knew that when someone is trapped in dark matter, there’s a polarizing effect within the pocket of space time, leaving antimatter residue on bodies that make them look like mannequins.

  1. I’m just going to point out that it was Worf’s suggestion that they followed to get out of the problem.

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