30: The First Duty (5.19)

Synopsis: Wesley finally gets his ass handed to him.

Memory Alpha Summary: He had to kill someone to do it, but still.

Review:  Not coincidentally, it is easily the best Wesley episode out there.  He actually acts like a real kid who fucks up instead of Superboy.  He doesn’t act like he’s in authority when he’s not.  In fact, he’s Tom Paris’s Nicolas Locarno’s bitch.  He gets appropriately punished.  Picard’s admonishment is fantastic, his anger terrifying. Beverly still feels her son is Superboy up until he admits the truth, but she’s probably still got the guilt complex over not being home enough, so hey.

One thing that felt off to me is that Picard was notified of Crusher’s near death before his mother was.  In fact, Picard was essentially told to tell Beverly what happened.  That’s just weird.


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