31: The Big Goodbye (1.12)

Synopsis:  Picard has to impress a McGuffin by greeting them in their difficult language.  Naturally, he’s trapped on the holodeck.

Memory Alpha Summary: In the 20th century no less!

Review:  This is the first great episode of TNG, and other than nitpicking the vagaries of the universal translator, I can’t find anything negative to say about it.  The pulp environment that’s created is great fun, and I like the character of Cyrus Redblock.  I also love it every time his stooge says, “I really really want to shoot him!” The sheer joy on Picard’s face while interacting with this environment is a similar joy to see, as we’ve been mainly privy to him being stressed and demanding.  Crusher is simultaneously gorgeous and adoringly awkward in her 1930’s attire.  Wesley manages to be helpful but in a self-conscious, realistic fashion.  Just wonderful, and a harbinger of things to come.


3 thoughts on “31: The Big Goodbye (1.12)

  1. I’d say this one is overrated. It’s one that I’m willing to turn off. Maybe it suffers from the fact that I’ve seen it too many times, but for me it just kind of melts into the hodgepodge of middling episodes.

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