33: Family (4.02)

Synopsis: Finally, proof that Picard really is from France.

Memory Alpha Summary: The English accent part of France, but it’s definitely France.

Review: While this episode has virtually nothing to do with space or science-fiction, it had to be done.  After an intense battle where the entire Federation could have been decimated, you can’t just jump right back into more danger.  The crew would need time to decompress, Picard especially, since you know, he was raped and forced to kill thousands of his own people.

The Wesley and Worf subplots are okay; they do address a couple of emotional things that needed addressing, though I wasn’t particularly moved.  Wesley listens to an 18-year old message from his Dad, and I’m like, okay, let’s get back to Picard.  And what another triumph for Patrick exploring his character.  Not only is his steel resolve finally broken (and by probably the most appropriate person—his brother), but it’s made obvious this is something he’ll carry with him his whole life.


2 thoughts on “33: Family (4.02)

  1. I saw this one once. A long, long time ago. Definitely need to see it again. I think I also never saw the Borg development in its appropriate order, which really deadened a lot of the emotional impact of that progression.

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