38: Second Chances (6.24)

Synopsis: Double your pleasure, double your fun!

Memory Alpha Summary:  Imzadi is back!

Review:  Having two Rikers around is probably dangerous for potential father-in-laws everywhere, but it’s twice as much fun for the rest of us.  Well, except for yet another gushy “Boys! Tee hee!” moment that Troi and Crusher share.

This episode is such a feast for the visuals.  Two Rikers on one screen is nice, but the best parts are the looks William Riker shares with both his twin and Troi throughout the episode.  Like Back to the Future, I feel this episode dances on the edge of some seriously uncomfortable romantic subjects but allows the viewer to sort through them as they please.

I also love how the episode effectively discusses the psychology of finding out one has a twin.  I would imagine it would be easy to be disappointed in what the other person represents about you, and this is played out for all its worth.

My only quibble:  why is this database down on the planet so damn important?  If it’s worth risking the lives of some very important Star Fleet members (including Data, your lone android), it would be nice to know what it is.  As it stands, it’s just a MacGuffin.

Money Quote by WorfFold!!     I love the running joke throughout the series.  Worf never wins a hand.  Never.  And then he draws four cards and Data glares at him like he’s nuts.


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