39: The Perfect Mate (5.21)

Synopsis:  Famke Janssen is hawt.

Memory Alpha Summary:  And was born solely for the purpose of being an ambassador’s arm candy.

Review:  This episode was highly contingent on the actress not only being physically attractive, but being a damn good actress, believably becoming attracted to all sorts of different men.  Janssen knocks it out of the park, as this is for me the most sexually charged episode of the series, while still being dramatic at the same time.  The ending is simply heartbreaking as Picard looks the most vulnerable he’s been since Family.

I read Janssen was considered for Jadzia Dax.  Ferrell was good, but oh man Janssen could have cornered the teenage boy market.  Instead of watching DS9 when I was a teen, I played Final Fantasy.

Money Quote:  Riker to bridge, if you need me I’ll be in Holodeck 4

Depressing Quote:  Ambassador, have a safe trip home.


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