40: The Quality of Life (6.09)

Synopsis:  The right of machines are questioned, and a Federation scientist is impatient and willful.  Craaazy stuff.

Memory Alpha Summary:  All for one and one for all?

Review: Hey a poker game with a real bet!  Seeing Worf with his beard shaved would have been awesome, but Crusher as a brunette?  No thanks.

The episode starts slow but slowly builds into a fantastic crescendo, reminiscent of its cousin, The Measure of a Man.  Not surprisingly, I find myself moved by another Spiner performance.  Data’s decision to be insubordinate to save the exocomps actually holds some water, and the solution and subsequent climax are perfect.  When Picard tells Data “It was the most human decision you’ve ever made,” I couldn’t agree more.


3 thoughts on “40: The Quality of Life (6.09)

    • When I was setting up this week’s posts, I remember thinking that #10 thru #40 could probably be switched around depending on my mood that day. I would say all the episodes from now on are ones I would not flip past if they came on TV.

      Or Justice. I’ll watch that any day.

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