42: A Matter of Perspective (3.14)

Synopsis: Riker’s rod of love finally gets him in trouble, though he adamantly denies making any “Krieger Waves” at his extradition hearing.

Memory Alpha Summary:  He really should plead nolo contendere to whoring

Review: Obviously borrowing from Rashomon, this is one of the tightest scripts this series had.  It really is a true testament to the fact that our memories are flawed and that when two people remember an event differently, there are likely truths and falsehoods in both accounts.  That Riker is proven innocent is a foregone conclusion, but the logical way the script gets there is a sight to see.  Speaking of sights, two Rikers on the same screen is always a treat.

One thing I wonder about is that it seems to me there isn’t a species in the alpha quadrant that doesn’t believe “guilty until proven innocent.”  A few sure, but it seems the writers use this trope a lot just to create conflict, even when it’s unnecessary.


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