43: We’ll Always Have Paris (1.24)

Synopsis:  Moments in time repeat themselves while Picard (prophetically) has to face the first of many romantic liaisons he pissed off.

Memory Alpha Summary:  A glitch in the Matrix

Review:  I forgot how much awesomeness is packed into this episode.  First, we have Picard fencing on the holodeck.  The glitches in time are very well done, creepy as hell.  Troi actually confronts Picard about his emotions (which aren’t obvious to everyone else) and convinces him to engage in some cognitive behavioral therapy by himself (because she knows he would never go through actual therapy with her).  Picard wrestles with his own emotions in a way only a superb actor can do.  Watching three Datas wrestle with who is in the correct time continuum is a nice climax.

The only misstep I felt was Troi’s very uncomfortable and inappropriate confrontation of Crusher about her feelings for Picard while she’s in the middle of trying to save the life of a dying patient.  I’d prefer not being reminded of Grey’s Anatomy while watching Star Trek.


2 thoughts on “43: We’ll Always Have Paris (1.24)

  1. Huh. I completely forgot about this one. It does sound good though. Probably one that would have been done better in a later season though.

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