44: The Defector (3.10)

Synopsis: Picard plays JFK and Captain Tamalok plays Khrushchev.

Memory Alpha Summary: Looks like Castro was left out

Review:  I like how closely this episode follows up the events of The Enemy.  Too many TNG episodes have no bearing on any other, and it’s nice to see an actual progression of acts and consequences.  The middle part is a bit slow, when the entire crew debates over and over and over whether or not Admiral Jarok is telling the truth about being a traitor; however, the endgame is fabulous.  Picard’s toe-to-toe with Tamalok is chilling television, while his surprise for Tamalok in the final hour is perfect.  The writers did an excellent job at alluding to Picard’s back-up plan while hiding it enough that it becomes a surprise.  They could have easily gotten lazy and written a deus ex machina.


4 thoughts on “44: The Defector (3.10)

      • This was one thing that I wanted more of from TNG. I loved the political struggles w/ the Romulans (and Cardassians), but always felt a little cheated that there was never any concrete resolution… they just kind of seemed to move on.

        It also always bothered me that the Romulans could cross into the Neutral Zone without getting smashed to pieces, but always treated the same offense by the Federation as worthy of war.

        • I think TNG started to deal with this better during season 6 when the Cardassians came along. Real politics began to occur, and the Federation was no longer Neville Chamberlaining it up all the time. DS9 continued to do it well. But yeah, the Romulans kind of got left to hang.

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