45: Hollow Pursuits (3.21)

Synopsis: Lieutenant Barclay gets caught in an embarrassing moment of holodiction.

Memory Alpha Summary: Choppin’ broccoli?

Review:  Near every young man who grew up watching Star Trek had to have fantasized about what it would be like to use a holodeck for unseemly purposes.  It’s about time somebody on the Enterprise did.  Naturally, they couldn’t show Barclay actually having sex, but what he gets caught doing is perhaps just as embarrassing.

Simply put, this episode is funny as hell.  We get Picard slipping up Barclay’s name after admonishing the crew for his denigrating nickname.  We get Geordi subtly acknowledging his own inappropriate jonesing for some holodeck lovin’.  And then Barclay’s fantasies are perfect, with his superior officers acting like weasels and Troi and Crusher acting like goddesses.

As far as recurring guest stars go, Barclay might just be my favorite.  It’s kind of nice to have someone on board who’s kind of a screw-up, as it makes the future seem a bit more…human.


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