46: Attached (7.08)

Synopsis: Where we finally hear the end to Crusher’s “Jean-Luc, I may never get another chance to say this…”

Memory Alpha Summary: We also see sexy uniform sweat.

Review:  I have to comment that the phrase “With all due respect” gets used way too often on the series, especially since it’s really a euphemism for “I fucking hate your guts, but…”

After seven seasons we finally reach the point where Picard and Crusher finally spill their guts to each other, even if it’s only because they have no choice.  Their interactions while telepathically linked are actually quite touching.  Sadly, when Picard finally makes his move, he gets shot down.  Vashar shot him down.  Kamala shot him down.  Nella left.  And now Beverly completely crushes him.  The only time he ever gets to truly be with anybody was as Kamin.

This might be my favorite individual performance by Gates.


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