49: Captain’s Holiday (3.19)

Synopsis: After getting pressure from his pimp crew, Picard finally has sex!

Memory Alpha Summary:  Only forty-seven more times to catch up with Riker

Review:  The second consecutive episode in season three that is pretty much all Patrick, and I’m not complaining.  His range is again on display, as his usual serious nature broadens to include being sexual and funny as hell.  Hetrick is great as Vash (his love interest), a character who definitely deserved to come back again (but in retrospect, maybe shouldn’t have).

This episode has two fantastic quotes that I can’t help but share.

Riker to Picard, after being asked if everyone knows he’s being pressure by the crew to take a vacation:  There are two ensigns on deck 39 who know nothing about it.


Riker to Picard:  Have I mentioned how imaginative the Risian women are, Sir?

Deanna: *all but rolling her eyes* Too often, Commander.


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