54: Heart of Glory (1.20)

Synopsis:  The Enterprise comes upon an abandoned freighter and find some naughty Klingons who hate the fact that their people signed a treaty with the Federation.

Memory Alpha Summary:  Duty, honor, loyalty.  I think Klingons would make excellent Marines.

Review:  The beginning of this episode is really cool as they board the freighter and Geordi attaches a visual acuity transmitter so that the bridge can see exactly what he sees through his visor.  In addition to being visually interesting, the exchange Picard and Geordi have about what he sees and Picard instantaneously developing a deeper empathy and understand of one of his crew members is quite moving.

Hilariously, before they board the freighter, Picard tells Riker and his away team to be careful, as the situation seems suspicious.  Riker quickly says, “I agree, it smells like a trap.  Let’s go.”  What?!?!

This episode marks the first of ninety-eleven episodes where Worf struggles with his inner desire to be a screaming warrior Klingon and his loyalty to soft, sexually unappetizing humans.  But this particular episode was overdue, as to this point we knew virtually nothing about the first Klingon on a Federation ship before.  And they do a pretty good job at exploring Worf, as the really self-destructive aspects of Klingon culture are not glorified here, while Worf is allowed to explore some of the more honorable aspects of his people.


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