57: Galaxy’s Child (4.16)

Synopsis:  Geordi is caught with his porn and the Enterprise becomes a mother.

Memory Alpha Summary:  Is that a breach?

Review:  One of the few episodes where there are two distinct stories going on and both work well.  The confidence Geordi showed with women in “Transfigurations” isn’t quite here as he acts like the ultimate creep with Leah.  As such, the transformation at the end where she suddenly likes him (but is married…darn) is a little off.  Still, the scene where she watches Geordi’s holodeck program is priceless.  And Guinan once again gives cutting advice to a crew member that Troi probably wouldn’t.

Otherwise, the space mammal plot is solid, very Trekky.  Worf gets a delightfully awkward line:  “Captain, the creatures are accelerating their approach. They are changing color!


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