58: Where No One Has Gone Before (1.06)

Synopsis: An arrogant engineer does some tests on the warp engines and seemingly sends the Enterprise hurtling across galaxies.  As it turns out, The Traveler does so after falling in love with Wesley.

Memory Alpha Summary:  No word on whether the Traveler fought with Ashley Judd

Review:  The erotic tension between our two stars in this episode is creepy.  Also, this episode plants the seed for everyone to hate Wesley, as The Traveler tells Picard he’s the most special, intelligent, wonderful boy in all the universes.  And Riker is a royal dick to him, thus requiring him later to validate Wesley’s awesomeness.

But there’s some wonderful imagery when they reach the end of the universe, and the visual hallucinations are effectively eerie.  Also, Stanley Kamel is pretty excellent as the engineer, actually showing signs of growth throughout the episode, unlike many mad scientists to come during the run of the series.


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