61: The Mind’s Eye (4.24)

Synopsis:  Geordi gets brainwashed, and nearly gets to unleash all of his pent up hormonal angst on his crew mates.

Memory Alpha Summary:  He must have had a lot of sand in his shoes.

Review:  A vehicle for Geordi while also acting as a bridge to the season finale, this episode works on multiple levels.  We learn that Geordi likes playing trivia games with the computer and chess tournaments on vacation.  The brainwashing he undergoes is fun, especially when he’s asked to kill Chief O’Brien.  I have two squabbles about the episode, though.  As usual, the bad guy is revealed to the audience long before we should know.  It’s unnecessary here and insulting to the audience.  Second, Geordi and Crusher have this intensely stupid conversation about his insomnia.  Crusher asks him if he has something on his mind, and he says, “No, I don’t think so.”  Well guys, how about that impending fall of the Klingon-Federation alliance and the Federation being sitting ducks for the Romulans?  Nah, that can’t be it.  Geordi’s probably just tossing and turning over Leah Brahms again.

I do like the final scene with Geordi in counseling with Troi.  It’s purposeful, poignant, and it shows a vulnerable side of Geordi that doesn’t involve attractive women.

The countdown will be taking a week off as I take off for Vegas.  May the force be with you…or something.


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