63: The Enemy (3.07)

Synopsis:  Worf shows his racism while Geordi can’t lie with sand in his shoes.

Memory Alpha Summary:  Seriously, Geordi gets almost perturbed

Review:  I’m baffled that in Roddenberry’s vision of the future, Worf (who was raised by humans) would want every Romulan to die just because one of them killed his parents.  It’s the same attitude (as we later find out) O’Brien holds for the Cardassians.  I do believe it’s realistic (in other words, I’m glad it played out this way in this episode), as I believe humans may only come together as one when we have aliens to fight against.  However, I doubt it will mean our hatred and fears will diminish much.

Back on the planet, I love the interactions between Geordi and Bochra.  Mr. La Forge shows that he can deftly negotiate with humanoids as well as hot holodeck babes.  It’s too bad that good deeds don’t seem to impress the Romulan government, but at least Geordi impressed Bochra.


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