64: Time Squared (2.13)

Synopsis:  Picard runs into his future self and rips him a new one even though he’s catatonic and defenseless.  Oh, and Enterprise esplodes.

Memory Alpha Summary:  You built a time machine…out of a funnel cloud?

Review:  This is our first time loop entry in the series, and it’s a solid start, if a little plodding, what with the middle mostly consisting of endless talking.  Stewart really does a fantastic job at realistically portraying the emotions that would likely show themselves if someone bumped into their future self.  Also, the fatalistic nature of the time loop is foreboding and watching the crew gradually feel helpless is a nice touch.  The conclusion seems of a bit of a cop out, and never really explained, which hurts this episode a bit.


7 thoughts on “64: Time Squared (2.13)

        • except that episode didn’t involve any vortex. Just an ancient civilization that Riker won over by making prescient philosophical statements with their holographic leader.

          • Things I learned from Star Trek: any time the solution seems like it should be X, but X is not working, do ~X.

            In my mind Star Trek and Chinese Finger Traps are permanently intertwined, because something like 50% of the time the solution is “more force in the correction direction is the wrong answer, put the force in the opposite direction.”

          • That perfectly describes Hero Worship. There is no explanation as to why the opposite of the logical solution is the correct answer. It just is.

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