65: The Gambit (7.04, 7.05)

Synopsis:  An ancient Vulcan weapon is found that Gandhi would defeat handily.

Memory Alpha Summary:  Arr, pirates!

Review:  The series’ final two-parter is a little heavy on the camp and a little long on time, but it has many great individual scenes that make up for it.  Killing Picard in the teaser is sort of like doing the “Hey your shoelace is untied” joke, so I’m glad they didn’t wait for part two to show him not-surprisingly not-dead.  Anyway, the great scenes:

–Riker and Troi fighting in the ready room.

–Data (as acting captain) putting the smackdown on Worf.

–Data “playing along” with Riker when he’s on the pirate ship.

Unfortunately, most of the good stuff is in the first part.  And then we have Data acting unethically two episodes in a row, even if for logical reasons.

I didn’t mind the episode’s conclusion and the explanation behind the psionic resonator.  It was very Trekky: hammy, but in a good way.  It just doesn’t make for a powerful episode.

The denouement is hilarious, with Data escorting Riker to the brig.


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