68: Unnatural Selection (2.07)

Synopsis:  Another egocentric scientist nearly destroys the federation by making everyone die of old age in a few days.

Memory Alpha Summary:  Dammit, Picard, I’m a doctor, not a one-season replacement!

Review:  Seriously, go away mad scientists!  The plot about genetically created children (Darwin Station…groan) is rather exploitive and the technobabble deus ex machina is laughable.  But this episode is really about the relationship between Pulaski and Picard and it’s written wonderfully.  It’s nice to have someone who will actually stand up to the captain yet still respectfully.  They’ve already made Pulaski more interesting than Crusher in just seven episodes (and that’s being generous to Crusher).

Though, I guffawed when Picard said, “let me finish my sentences,” as if he hasn’t been interrupting people since day one.


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