70: Best of Both Worlds (3.26, 4.01)

Synopsis:  Picard commits treason and premeditated genocide but gets welcomed back with open arms when he changes his mind.

Memory Alpha Summary:  Should have just used Hitler

Review:  I know this episode is at the top of most people’s lists.  That’s just simply ridiculous.  First of all, we’re introduced to Shelby, this blonde bimbo who thinks she can just swoop in and take over a man’s job.  Who does she think she is?  If she’s taking over anybody’s job it should be Troi’s.  Then she can be Riker’s imzadi.

Then Picard tricks the crew into chasing after the Borg, a ship they stand no chance of defeating.  After he gets “captured” he finally feels free to let out some of his angst at Wolf 359.

At least Wesley gets some quality screen time.  I love how he helps invent this weapon using the deflector dish.  Of course, it doesn’t fucking work, which is asinine.  And then when we’re about to see Wesley’s moment of triumph, we get this TO BE CONTINUED bullshit.  Maybe it was for the best since it didn’t work anyway.

The second half is worse, except for the Wolf 359 part.   Riker and Shelby get all chummy.  Data (who supposedly has a morality subroutine) mentally rapes Picard.  And then the “climax” is Picard saying “Sleep, Data” over and over again.  Yeah, I too was ready to sleep after watching this.

I’d rank this lower, but it has Guinan, and she is super hot, as usual.


8 thoughts on “70: Best of Both Worlds (3.26, 4.01)

  1. First off, I’ll be the first to admit, this one had me … at first. ;-)

    Second, refer to the first comment …

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