73: Devil’s Due (4.13)

Synopsis:  The devil comes back to take an entire planet hostage, and Kirk Picard attempts to play God.

Memory Alpha Summary:  No word if she went down to Georgia

Review:  This whole script is straight out of TOS, but because it’s really funny in places it still works.  The courtroom scene is even more contrived than the one in Measure of a Man, but it allows Data, the impartial judge, to make some hilarious observations. To wit:

“The advocate will refrain from expressing personal affections for her opponent.”

Oh, Data.  You save so many mediocre episodes.

Picard gets to utter his best quote so far.  “Method acting?  I’m vaguely familiar with it.”  What a beautifully meta line.


6 thoughts on “73: Devil’s Due (4.13)

  1. ”Method acting? I’m vaguely familiar with it.” What a beautifully meta line.

    Actually, though obviously intended to be meta, the line doesn’t make much sense. Stewart is a classical actor, not a method actor. They’re quite different approaches to the craft.

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