Survivor X: The End

It was a long and exhausting six months.  I won’t post all the comments that came with the final vote, but I’ll mention that Pete defeated me handily, garnering all seven votes from the jury members.  Despite the fact I got second, getting shut out has always been a certain kind of kick in the gut.  At least I couldn’t have lost to a nicer guy.  Well, I could have lost to Gary Carter.  But he wasn’t playing (he said he was busy doing something else).

I now have finished fourth and second in the two seasons I’ve played.  Can’t complain about that.  Now I’m glad to be judging Turbo Survivor, which is decidedly less stressful.

Congratulations, Pete.


One thought on “Survivor X: The End

  1. I am shocked that it was 7-0. I’m guessing we all saw the same slight edge for Pete, but given that it was basically 51% Pete – 49% Beau, a shut out does not accurately reflect our opinion. At least, not mine.

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