82: Conundrum (5.14)

Synopsis:  Data loses to Troi at chess, and believe it or not that’s not the thing that makes the least amount of sense.

Memory Alpha Summary:  Seriously.  Troi beat Data at chess.  Fuck.

Review:  So the entire crew is stunned and their memories (but not their skills) are wiped.  But when they wake up, there’s a mysterious new person on board that only the audience knows doesn’t belong there.  This could have been a top 20 episode.  But the writers just fuck it up completely.

  1.  Crusher, despite scanning this guy and doing a major medical procedure on his brain, never figures out he’s an alien.  Possible, but unlikely
  2.  If this alien society can emulate other species, why does it bother to steal the  Enterprise?  It’s explained that one photon torpedo would have won their war, but  why couldn’t they just infiltrate their enemies as spies and do some sabotage?
  3.  Why does this particular invader make himself second in command instead of first?  It’s never explained and makes no sense.  If one photon torpedo wins your wars, make yourself captain (and give yourself five pips), or I don’t know, maybe the tactical officer.
  4. Finally, despite the above mistake, why doesn’t the bad guy discretely walk up to tactical and fire a torpedo, rather than make a scene of himself and try to bum rush the tactical station?  He was relatively calm up until this point, even when things weren’t going his way.

The best part of the episode is hands down the fact that Riker and Ro get it on, multiple times, and then have to face each other when their memories are restored.  Not only that, but Troi rubs his whorish behavior completely in his face.  It’s sad that this never gets revisited, but that’s how it goes with TNG.


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